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Experience the breathtaking, natural wonder of Niagara Falls up-close, where you will have time to explore at your leisure and enjoy many fantastic photo opportunities.

On your Niagara Falls tour ride With Chariots of Fire tours, you will see the Niagara River flowing over both the American and Canadian waterfalls into the Great Gorge.

Niagara Falls is a young waterfall.  Around 12,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, glacial melt water filled the five great lakes.  Four of these lakes- Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, drain through the Niagara River into the fifth lake- Lake Ontario, then the water flows through the Saint Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean.  The Niagara River is only 58 km (36 miles) long, connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.  Lake Erie is 99 meters (326 feet) higher in elevation than Lake Ontario.  The combination of the large volume of water flowing through the river, together with a high drop in elevation has caused the erosion of the Niagara River Gorge and resulted in Niagara Falls.With the Niagara River acting as the border between the USA and Canada, the waterfalls are divided.

The American falls are smaller while the larger Canadian Horseshoe Falls have more than 90% of the river water flowing over them at 57 meters (188 ft) in height.  Their combined volume flowing over both falls is 28,000 cu. M (100,000 cu. Ft.) or over half a million gallons of water per second, enough to fill a million bathtubs per minute.
Your Fall for Niagara day tour includes a beautiful drive following the Niagara River to Lake Ontario.  There are four photo stops on the Niagara parkway which include the Queenston Heights, hydroelectric dams, Floral Clock and Whirlpool rapids.

Hydro-electric Dams
Two large power stations produce approx. 5 million H.P. (4 million KW) of electricity from the Niagara River. On the American side it is the Robert Moses Station, and on the Canadian side, the Sir Adam Beck Station. Water is diverted before Niagara Falls in a series of underground tunnels and canals, into two large reservoirs behind the big dams. Using the high drop of elevation back into the Niagara River Gorge, the water flows through the penstocks, driving the turbines and producing electricity. On your Niagara Falls day tour with Chariots of Fire, you will have a good view of how this takes place.

Floral Clock (Seasonal)
A favorite place for photos on your Toronto to Niagara bus tour, this electric clock was built in 1950 and consists of over 15,000 small plants imbedded close together and changed twice a year during the growing season. It is one of the world’s largest floral clocks with the face being over 12 meters (40 ft.) In diameter.

Whirlpool Rapids
At Niagara Falls, there is a 90° bend in the Niagara River. The only other big bend in the river is at the Whirlpool, another 90°. This Whirlpool is up to 35 meters (120 ft.) deep. The Whirlpool phenomenon is created by the large volume of water flowing at a fast speed. Then narrow river gorge has water moving at 40 km (25 miles) per hour with class 6 rapids- the highest rank.

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Optional Extras

Includes Priority Access for quicker entrance Admission to the Skylon Tower observation deck.

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Includes Priority Access for quicker entrance Admission to the Hornblower Niagara Cruise boat ride (previously Maid of the Mist)

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Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Book a tour with us and we can arrange a helicopter ride over the thundering Falls

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To provide a wonderful tour that runs like clockwork, we'll pick you up from our easy to find location.

CN Tower / Ripley's Aquarium:

288 Bremner Blvd., in front of the Ripley's Aquarium Entrance. Our bus departs from here at 8:00am.MAPTravel time from Toronto to Niagara Falls is approximately 2hrs.

Skylon Tower - Main Entrance:

5200 Robinson St. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada L2G2A3 - Look for 6 large glass doors. (Parking lot A). Pickup is at 9:45am (Depending on traffic, your bus will arrive between 9:30 am and 10 am.).MAPRoad conditions permitting, we will arrive back in Toronto by 5pm, so you can plan for evening engagements. In the colder season, when the boat ride is not running, we arrive back earlier.

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Our Toronto to Niagara Tour does not include meals. You will have the opportunity to purchase lunch at one of several restaurants, or you may bring your own food and enjoy a riverside picnic. We don’t allow eating or drinking on the bus except bottled water. Our vehicles are not washroom equipped - please use restrooms before boarding.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don't see yours, get in touch : )

Why is your tour $77 while others cost more?

Visitors to Toronto choose us for their trip to Niagara because we offer affordable, quality tours that are second to none. More clients seem to like what we do and that enables us to run these Tours at a low cost.

Does the $77 fee include taxes?

No, tax is not included. We have to charge the 13% HST tax, which is $10 extra per person.

Do you have a seniors / students / child rate?

We have a flat rate of $77 per person, plus taxes.

Do you offer hotel pick up and drop off for groups?

If you have a group of 20 or more,PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE.

Why Hornblower Niagara Boat Rides and not Maid of the Mist?

Hornblower Niagara Cruises is an exciting new way to see the Falls! The Maid of the Mist no longer operates in Canada. Hornblower Niagara Cruises is now the only Falls boat tour in Niagara Falls, Canada.

How much time will I have at Niagara Falls?

You will have 2 1/2 hours at Niagara Falls, this includes time for riverside viewing and exploring , and the optional attractions

Do you offer pick-up in The United States?

Chariots of Fire, Toronto to Niagara Tours, does not operate in the United States.

Do you offer pick-up in Niagara Falls, Ontario?

Yes, we have a pick-up location at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls.

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