Having a Laugh off the Beaten Path

May 21, 2019

The last two blog posts in the Adventure series were all about the thrilling attractions found in the air and water of Niagara Falls. Today’s post is for the land-loving adventurer.The Niagara Glen hosts 4 km of hiking trails that cut deep into the Niagara Gorge. Perfect for the experienced, novice or family hikers, the gorge holds something new for everyone. For the brand new, fresh hiker, guided hiking tours are offered. For the confident hiker, self-guided hiking maps are provided, so you can tackle the rugged gorge paths unhindered. And for the experienced and adrenaline-jockey adventurers, bouldering is also offered along the face of the gorge itself. This activity requires you to climb up the rock face using only your own strength and is usually only offered as a self-regulated individual activity, so I recommend tackling this activity once you have previous bouldering experience under your belt.

The hike starts in a flat picnic area that is great for fueling up for the walk ahead or meeting up with the rest of your friends and family. Then you begin the descent into the gorge,the metal staircase that brings you down into the forest can be a daunting start and a tiring end to the hike so save lots of energy for it. Once you are in the trails of the ancient Carolinian Forest, be prepared to be amazed by the prehistoric geological formations, wild flora and local fauna of the region.The trail ends at the beautiful turquoise waters of the Niagara whirlpool, but don’t venture into the water, below the surface, just of the shore rolls deadly class 6 rapids. If you are looking for an up-close experience with the rapids I recommend the Whirlpool JetBoat mentioned in our previous blog posts. After taking in your fill of the scenic waterway and forest, hikers can make their way back up the paths and up the staircase to ascend out of the gorge.

Remember: Take only pictures, Leave only footprints, and Kill only time. The Niagara Glen is one of the only pristine pockets of nature that remains in the region and it is our responsibility to protect it for others to enjoy as well!

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