Steven Trotter and Lori Martin
April 12, 2019
Steven Trotter and Lori Martin

Steven Trotter, from Rhode Island, was the youngest person to challenge Niagara Falls, at 22 years old on the morning of August 18, 1985. He used a homemade contraption consisting of two plastic pickle barrels lined inside with foam packing and surrounded outside with large inner tubes covered by a tarp. He survived to stunt with minor bruises. After emerging from this capsule, he describe the experience," It was like an elevator with no cable." He hoped to make money from the publicity of his successful stunt. He was charged by the Niagara Parks police and went on to some public appearances, including an episode on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. 10 years later Steven Trotter dramatically reappeared on the scene of Niagara Falls.On the morning of June 18, 1995 he and his friend, Lori Martin, became the first and only male/ female couple to go over Niagara Falls. She was 29 years old, from Atlanta Georgia. They used a barrel made from two halves of hot water tanks welded together and coated with fiberglass, foam and Kevlar. It weighed 400 kg (900lbs) and contained oxygen tanks with enough air to last over an hour. After the barrel went over Niagara Falls, it became lodged in a rock crevice on the Canadian side. Members of the Niagara Parks police and Niagara Falls fire department climbed over a guardrail and conducted the risky task of reaching the barrel and attaching a line to it. They opened the hatch and out came Lori Martin, followed by Steven Trotter, both relatively unharmed. The barrel remained there for 9 days, until it was retrieved with the use of a crane. Martin and Trotter were arrested and charged by the Niagara Parks police. After 3 days, Martin was released from jail and fined $2500 under the Niagara Parks act. Trotter remained in jail almost two weeks and was fined $5000, plus $515 for hospital expenses. After several weeks, Trotter reclaimed the barrel by paying the costs incurred to retrieve it. The barrel had an inscription painted on it,”take the Real Plunge”.

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