Kirk Jones
April 12, 2019
Kirk Jones

On October 20th 2003, Kirk Raymond Jones became the first human in recorded history to intentionally go over the Horseshoe Falls wearing just his clothes and survive. Remarkably, he did this without any protective device or lifejacket. Roger Woodward, the 7 year old boy who accidentally went over Niagara Falls in 1961, was the first to survive the plunge without a capsule, but was wearing a life jacket. Jones entered the upper Niagara River approximately 6 m (19 ½ ft) from the brink of the Horseshoe Falls at Table Rock on the Canadian side. Wearing only the clothes on his back, he was quickly swept over Niagara Falls. Moments later, Kirk Jones emerged from the water below the Falls and was able to climb to safety on a rock just a short distance away from the falling water. He was stranded on this rock until the emergency crews arrived to rescue him. Jones was taken to the Greater Niagara General Hospital for evaluation. He only suffered minor injuries to his ribs. While in the hospital, Jones was admitted to the psychiatric unit where he confessed that this stunt was a failed suicide attempt. Friends and family close to Jones say that he had planned to go over the Falls as a stunt to acquire fame and fortune. After he was released from the hospital, Jones was arrested and charged with Mischief and Performing an unauthorized Stunt with the Niagara Parks. He plead guilty to both charges. Not only was he fined $3,000, Jones was also ordered to reimburse the Journey Behind the Falls attraction $1,408 for the money they lost from closing the attraction for 45 minutes for the rescue. In an interview with ABC, Jones said that going over Niagara Falls was like "being in a giant tunnel, going straight down, surrounded by water,". Jones said he "hit hard," was turned upside down in the rapids below the waterfall, then the current pushed him far enough out to climb onto a rock.He is photoshopped with his hands raised to heaven and is quoted as saying,”I felt like I touched the face of God and he smiled.”

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