Honeymoon Capitol of the World
April 12, 2019
Honeymoon Capitol of the World

Waterfalls have almost always been considered romantic. The majesty of the Falls, the rainbows, and the sound of the water all attribute to the romantic atmosphere.The start of the trend to honeymoon in Niagara Falls started with the daughter of the US Vice President Aaron Burr, Theodosia Burr, and her groom, Joseph Alston. This inspired Jerome Bonaparte, Napoleon’s younger brother, and his bride, Elizabeth Patterson, to honeymoon at the Falls 3 years later. Because the Niagara area was still undeveloped, the trek to the Falls required teams of horses and servants, so only the wealthy could honeymoon there.This changed when the Erie Canal opened in 1825. With this new water route, the middle class from the east coast to the mid west US had access to Niagara Falls. When trains started coming to Niagara Falls in 1836, people from all backgrounds could afford to honeymoon. By the 1920’s, Niagara Falls was also known as the “Baby City” since it was believed that more babies were conceived here than anywhere else in the world.In 1952 the movie “Niagara”, staring Marilyn Monroe, was released. In the movie, Marilyn was on her honeymoon in Niagara Falls. This prompted many people to want to honeymoon here as well.

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