Honeymoon Bridge
April 12, 2019
Honeymoon Bridge

Niagara Falls’ Honeymoon Bridge was built in 1897. When completed, the bridge became the largest Steel Arch Bridge in the world. Its features included double tracks for trollies and room for carriages and pedestrians. Ice bridges that formed in the winter were a constant threat. In January 1899, a huge ice bridge threatened the bridge due to the close proximity of the bridge's abutments to the surface of the river. They created a 24­foot (7.3 m) tall stone wall around the abutments to protect from future damage.The protection around the abutments held for about another forty years, then on January 23, 1938, a sudden wind storm on Lake Erie sent sheets of ice over the Falls, resulting in nearly 100 feet (30 m) of ice pushing against the bridge. At 4:20pm, The Honeymoon Bridge gave way and collapsed, but not before drawing thousands of people who had come to watch the bridge go. It collapsed in one piece into the river. Construction of the replacement bridge, called the Rainbow Bridge, was completed

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