Goat Island
April 12, 2019
Goat Island

Dividing the American and Canadian Falls is Goat Island.This small island, named after early pioneer and miller, John Steadman, sits within the historic Niagara Falls State Park. This particular area of parkland was in fact the first of it’s kind to be preserved by the United States Government under the State Park system.The park was established in the 1800s, through the work of a group of environmentalists who recognized the long-term value of the Falls and surrounding area and sought to preserve them for generations to come.Prior to this the land was owned by businessman, Augustus Porter, who recognised the long-term value of the Falls as a tourist attraction.Goat island is connected to the United States mainland by two bridges, allowing visitors access to the many wooded trails and walking paths on the island. One particular path at the foot of the island leads to the Cave of the Windstour. This attraction gives visitors the opportunity to get up close to the Bridal Veil Falls (American Falls).

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