Scenic Drive

Niagara Rainbow Bridge - riverbed view

Your Fall for Niagara day tour includes a beautiful drive following the Niagara River to Lake Ontario.  There are four photo stops on the Niagara parkway which include the Queenston Heights, hydroelectric dams, Floral Clock and Whirlpool rapids.

  • Queenston Heights
    Located on top of the Niagara escarpment, this picture stop on your Niagara Falls day tour overlooks the Niagara River where the waterfalls started 12,000 years ago. The Falls then eroded back a distance of 11 km to (7 miles) to the current location at a rate of 1 meter (3 ft.) per year. The Niagara Escarpment is an elevated ridge of land extending from Queenston Heights 725 km (440 miles) through Ontario to Tobermany and Georgian Bay and Manatoulin Island on Lake Huron. Designated in 1990 by the United Nations as a world biosphere preserve, the Niagara escarpment is the exposed surface of an ancient lake bed dating back 430 million years when much of central North America was covered in a shallow tropical lake. The escarpment is composed of dolostone, which was more resistant to erosion than the surrounding lands.
  • Hydro-electric Dams
    Two large power stations produce approx. 5 million H.P. (4 million KW) of electricity from the Niagara River. On the American side it is the Robert Moses Station, and on the Canadian side, the Sir Adam Beck Station. Water is diverted before Niagara Falls in a series of underground tunnels and canals, into two large reservoirs behind the big dams. Using the high drop of elevation back into the Niagara River Gorge, the water flows through the penstocks, driving the turbines and producing electricity. On your Niagara Falls day tour with Chariots of Fire, you will have a good view of how this takes place.
  • Floral Clock
    A favorite place for photos on your Toronto to Niagara bus tour, this electric clock was built in 1950 and consists of over 15,000 small plants imbedded close together and changed twice a year during the growing season. It is one of the world’s largest floral clocks with the face being over 12 meters (40 ft.) In diameter.
  • Whirlpool Rapids
    At Niagara Falls, there is a 90° bend in the Niagara River. The only other big bend in the river is at the Whirlpool, another 90°. This Whirlpool is up to 35 meters (120 ft.) deep. The Whirlpool phenomenon is created by the large volume of water flowing at a fast speed. Then narrow river gorge has water moving at 40 km (25 miles) per hour with class 6 rapids- the highest rank.