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If you want to learn more about what you will experience on our Toronto to Niagara tour, please explore our "Virtual Tour". This a good place to see pictures and get more information about the people and places that you will hear about and visit on our tour, especially those that are no longer around.

In 1796, the Treaty of Paris was signed, giving Fort Niagara to the Americans. To protect their interests in Upper Canada, the British immediately constructed a fort directly across the Niagara River. By 1802, Fort George had been completed and was the headquarters for the British army, local militia and the Indian Department. Since control of the river supply route was essential to the survival of the forts west of the Niagara region, the new fort guarded the transportation on the Niagara River and protected Navy Hall, a vital warehouse and wharf facility.

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Built in 1800, John McFarland and his descendants called this house home for over 140 years. McFarland, a widower and Scottish imigrant came to Canada with his four children in the 1790s. King George III granted McFarland 608 acres of land for his services as boat builder. After settling in Newark (now Niagara-­on-­the-­Lake) he married a neighbour, Margaret Wilson, and they had 5 more children before her death in 1809.

The home is of particular historical significance because it survived the burning of Newark.

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The Wayside Chapel was built in 1969 by the Christian Reformed Church. This 10 foot (3 meter) square church is one of the smallest in the world. Yes, it is a fully functioning church.

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Laura Ingersoll Secord was a Canadian heroine of the War of 1812. She is known for her 20 mile (32 km) trek out of American­ occupied territory to warn British forces of the Americans’ attack plan. Though Secord had no relation to it, most Canadians associate her with the Laura Secord Chocolates company, named after her on the 100th anniversary of her walk.

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Tecumseh was a Native American leader of the Shawnee and a large tribal confederacy, known as Tecumseh's Confederacy, which opposed the United States during Tecumseh's War and became an ally of Britain in the War of 1812.

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Experience Niagara Falls Online!

Want a sneak peak of the falls before your tour? View our Niagara Falls Tour Slideshow or watch the YouTube video below.


Basic Tour Includes:

The Falls

Misty Horseshoe Niagara Falls

Your tour will include close-up viewing at the brink of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls with free time to explore. Experience the power and majesty of Niagara Falls as you walk along the Niagara River.

Scenic Drive

Niagara Rainbow Bridge - riverbed view

Enjoy a beautiful drive on the Niagara Parkway, following the river from Niagara Falls to Lake Ontario, with picture stops along the way.

Estate Winery

Beautiful Winery up close

Your visit will include an informative tour of one of Niagara’s wineries with complimentary tasting, including the world famous ice wine. See their vineyards and wine cellar.

Niagara On The Lake

Prince of Wales Hotel - Niagara On The Lake

Sight seeing and free time in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake is included in your Niagara Falls tour. Located where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, this scenic village has been voted Canada’s most beautiful town.


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Attend a day tour to a world famous destination with memories to last a lifetime. Comfortable, round trip transportation to Niagara Falls from Toronto in one of our air-conditioned vehicles for just $77 per person.